PNG Food and Drink

November 22nd, 2013

Food is one of the staples of everyone’s life: you need it to survive, to power your body, right? So I’m wondering as I look at this page why there’s so little on here? I mean … I am exposed to food every day, so it isn’t like I don’t have anything to photograph, right? I think for the most part, food probably just isn’t one of my favourite subjects to shoot. Maybe it’s because by the time I’m done cooking I’m not usually in the mood to haul out the camera and set up the lights just to grab a photograph. I think the other reason is that maybe I just don’t see a huge use for food imagery to be in .png format so it isn’t something I’ve focused on too much, and the stock-photo page with food hasĀ other food/photo files that can complement the png section (some foods can be hard to isolate on the transparent backgound).

As I’m re-organizing the site, I’m realizing there are a lot of pages that really need some new stuff added to them, and this is one of those categories, so once the rest of the site pages are rebuilt and published I’ll get back to work creating some new stuff. Actually, that is the nature of this type of site – you can’t just leave each section without adding new and different stockphotos/files from time-to-time.

Also note, that if you really need some specific food item that isn’t currently in the gallery (or the stock photo section), don’t be afraid to contact me and ask if I have it, or if I can photograph one. As long as you don’t want exclusive use of the image, I can always add it to the stock list after I get you your copy.
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