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In the PNG section¬†you’ll find a variety of familiar household objects, objects from outdoors and indoors, toys, food and other interesting bits and pieces. Some of these items were created as a result of some some friends getting into “Second Life” and looking for decor objects for their spaces, so you’ll find a number of these .png files are quite small, really only making them suitable for smaller projects. Some of the newer items here are larger images, and some even include multiple views of the same object, making them suitable for use as references or in games (like the Hidden Object type). ¬†This sort of “multi-view” image becomes useful when using these as references, or when using the item in a 3D environment. A few of these I have tested in Bryce myself, but I’m really not terribly skilled with 3D programs, though I have purchased a few of them. Having them means I can test some of the textures or object elements to see if they work okay, but beyond doing some pretty basic rendering, I’m not that well versed in the programs.

As I continue to dig around through “stuff” I hope to donate or give-away, more items will probably appear here … before I say goodbye to them, I’ll make sure I get photos of the more interesting objects.

Index of PNG File Pages

Inside/Indoor Objects

Outside/Outdoor Objects

Transportation Items

Miscellaneous Objects

Food and Drinks


How to Use PNG Files

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