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Photoshop Brushes

Who uses Photoshop brushes?  I use them pretty frequently in some design work (greeting cards, calendars, sometimes background-design) because they make it easy to repeat a specific design element. They also come in pretty handy when making texture designs. For a long time, I used free brushes provided by others; well, the truth is that I still do have some brushes designed by others that I simply love too much not to use sometimes. Some of the ones I use most often come from Hawksmont and from Lileya – both create beautiful design work and brushes that simply look good. There’s others that also produce some good work (B. Silvia) that I find worth keeping. The thing to keep in mind when you are using brushes provided by others is the licensing – some free brushes do have licensing requirements. For example, you might not be able to use them for products you sell (commercial use), or you might be able to use them in a commercial product as long as the entire product isn’t composed solely of the brush design. Most licenses don’t allow you to redistribute the brushes yourself, or include the brushes in other collections. In some cases, the creator who owns the copyright might ask that you link back to their site, or give them credit when you use one (or more) of their brushes. It’s important that you read any licenses and follow them if you want to use the brushes; some will be included in the .zip file with the brush, some will be stated on the website where you find the brush, but in all cases “a link back” doesn’t mean “please hotlink to the download” it means place a link to the site where you found it (just as I’ve done above).

A while ago I began turning some of my own textures and designs into Photoshop brushes for myself to use in creating combined and abstract textures, and eventually figured they might be helpful to others. A lot of my brushes come either from my own photos, or from my own textures but there are a few that come from free images (provided by morgueFile) that I’ve edited and turned into brushes, and a few (mostly the old maps) that have come from the Public Domain archives. One of the most recent brushes is a blank 2014 calendar, which came about because someone contacted me looking for one. There you have it – ask and you shall receive (well, you shall if it’s something I can make!) I don’t have a ton of these available, but what I do have (hopefully will keep growing), you are welcome to use. In terms of licensing, you should follow the general Terms of Use on my site; you can use the brushes in commercial project designs (credit or link would be nice where possible) but you may not sell the design by itself; you may not upload the brushes to any other site, you may not sell the brushes, you may not claim them as your own work. Pretty simple, right?



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