Gift Tag Templates

October 31st, 2013

These gift tag templates come as a simple .jpg or .png which you can print yourself at home. The basic outline tags allow you to design and color them, or print them off and let the kids have fun designing their own gift tags. Some are pre-designed, so you simply download, print and cut out to use. Don’t forget to punch holes and attach pretty colored strings to tie them on, or use two-sided tape to stick them on your packages.

Let kids embellish the ready-to-print (pre-coloured) gift tags with glitter (or the less messy glitter glue sticks or glitter crayons and markers), or pre-gummed stickers to give them their own unique touch. In craft shops and dollar stores you can usually buy spools of gold and silver (fine) cord to use for the hang tags, or use thin strands of foil curling ribbons instead. Even Christmas coloured yarn (which is probably easier for kids to handle) works for home-made gift tags.

For the “extreme saver” bunch, make special tags for the tots from Santa, and use the same one every year. Here’s how. Print off your choice of tags on standard white card stock (available by the container at Walmart, and often at office supply stores by the sheet) and fill in the “To” and “From” with marker. Laminate the gift tags, either with a home craft laminator, or by taking a sheet to any shop that offers laminating (like Staples for example, or the UPS Store). Cut out the tags, put on a sturdy hanging ribbon and these tags can be used every year (at least until your little one is too old for the Santa gig) as the tags on the special gifts that Santa leaves under the tree.

For generic re-usable tags, you can do the same without filling in the “To and From” slots. Laminate them as blanks, and fill in the names with white-board markers. Wipe them off and store them til next year.

Even more ideas for these printable tags: before you print, make sure the “hole” space and the “to and from” on the tags are painted over in your paint program. Print the designs on 8 X 10 magnetized sheets (Avery is one of the companies that makes these sheets, and they can usually be found at Walmart). Once printed on the magnet sheets, kids can colour their own fridge magnets.

Check back every now and then for more tag designs and shapes.

(*See the bottom of the page for some seed packet templates for gardeners who love to share their seeds!)

Also note – more Christmas tags towards the bottom of the page.

Christmas gift tags in unusual shapesDownload Pre-Coloured Print-Ready Christmas Tags HERE

Ready to print Christmas gift tags also have a companion sheet (below) that kids can colour themselves instead. These ready-to-print tags can be embellished with glitter, coloured glue sticks, or stickers if you want a simple craft for kids at Christmas.

Uncoloured christmas gift tag shapes.Download the Shaped Christmas Gift Tags HERE

These cute tags are shaped like their designs, but where the designs form a delicate area (like the reindeer) that would tear easily, they have an underlying shape to make cutting easier. They are left black and white so you can colour them using your own paint program, or let your little ones choose the colours and fill them in using crayons or markers. With 6 tags on an 8.5″ X 11″ sheet, they are large enough for the kids to handle.

Triangular shaped christmas gift tags in colour.Download the Triangular Hanging Christmas Tags HERE

These Christmas gift tags have designs taken from my own photos (except the bells, which are from a photoshop brush I’ll be releasing soon). The Elves are vintage, but they are quite similar in appearance to the recent “Elf on the Shelf”. The little train is a resin piece and of course, everyone recognizes the M & M girl! These are “ready to print” so you can write your own text, but you can also add “To and From” in your editing program if you really want to (before printing).

Blank triangular hanging gift tags.Download the BLANK Triangular Hanging Gift Tags Here

Blank gift tags to create your own designs on with a simple triangular shape and rounded corners. If you’re planning on Christmas Designs, be sure to check our Stock Photos page for Christmas designs.

9 blank tags on a printable 8.5″ X 11″ page.

Large rectangular hanging gift tags.


Download the Large Rectangular Hang Tags Here

These large hanging tags for use as gift tags or sales tags make it easy for little hands to handle and and create their own designs. Good for kids, or for products that have long descriptions.

6 rectangular tags on a page.

Medium sized burnt paper design gift tag template.


DOWNLOAD THE Burnt Paper Medium Hang Tags here.

A medium sized square hang-tag (with rounded corners) can be used for many different purposes, from adding hanging sales tags to home crafted products, to using as gift tags & cards.

8 burnt paper tags on the sheet.

Square hanging gift tags with ruffled corners.


DOWNLOAD the Square Ruffled Corner Tags here.
These square hanging tags can be used for gifts or Christmas parces, but can also be useful for crafters who sell their own homemade creations; perfect tags for homemad soaps, knitted scarves, lovingly crafted candles, or even jars of home-canned pickles.

9 blank tags on the sheet.

Blank gift tags with fancy edges, some having a country background.


DOWNLOAD the Country Gift Tags in .png format here.
These shaped gift tags are large, making them suitable for use as stickers (printed on sticker paper) or gift tags (printed on card stock. There’s 8 blanks on the page – 4 with a plain white background, 4 with the beige country pattern.

Smaller blank gift tags with shapes.


DOWNLOAD the Shaped Gift Tags in .png format here.
These blank tags are a smaller size, having 17 tags on the full sheet. Suitable mostly for Christmas gift tags, but for hang tags with just a price on them, they’d also work well. Use a fancy hole punch to put holds in one end for your strings. Get hole punches from craft supply or dollar shops that carry tools for scrapbooking – they often have punches in a variety of shapes.

Fancy shaped hanging gift tags.


DOWNLOAD the fancy edged gift tags in .jpg format here.
These tags have scalloped ends and several styles. Half the page are blank white templates to add your own designs, the other half of the page has an outside frame added in several colours – brown, gray, and green. The frame area has a textured design.

Hanging gift tags with plain or coloured backgrounds.


DOWNLOAD the hanging gift tag page in .jpg format here.
There are several colours offered with textured backgrounds, and a bunch of plain white to create your own designs. In all there are 13 tags on the page, which can be printed as is, or opened in your editing program to add your own work.

Traditional blank hanging gift tags.


Download the blank template for the traditional shape gift tags HERE – although my designs (below) are for Christmas, you could use these tags for a number of things, including sales tags and other events.

Traditional shaped hanging christmas tags in colour.


Download these pre-designed, traditional printable Christmas gift tags HERE to cut and use on your holiday packages.

Printable Christmas gift tags.


Printable Christmas gift tags with slightly more modern designs including swirls and curliques and Christmas trees.  DOWNLOAD HERE

Blank shaped Christmas gift tags.


Blank Christmas gift tags to design and print yourself. This set includes two Christmas balls, two tree lights, two stockings and two christmas trees. Each tag has an extension for adding a hanging ribbon.

DOWNLOAD this template HERE

Printable shaped Christmas tags.


These printable tags are ready to go, just print on card stock or special papers and add them to your packages.






Seed Packet Templates

Seed packet template for Nasturtiums


Seed packet or envelope for gardeners who like to collect and share their garden seeds. This one is for Nasturtiums. You can download and print the full size .jpg file from HERE, or the fully editable .PSD file from HERE.

Fancy seed packet template could be used for weddings.


This fancy seed packet was designed to as a wedding favour for a gardener. Collect your own seeds throughout the year, and make your own customized seed packets from this customizable template.


Tomato seed packet template.Customize this .psd file for your own garden seeds, or download the .jpg file and print it as is to store or share your tomato seeds.



Sunflower seed packet template.Seed packet template for Sunflower seeds (so easy to grow and harvest). Available in a .psd file you can customize yourself, or as a .jpg to print and hand write your name in.




Photo Envelope Template

Sample envelope


This photo envelope template is just the template shape on a transparent .png. Add your own covers (front and back) and you have a custom designed envelope to store or share your photos.

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