Photoshop Bits

Most of this site offers free stock photos and texture files for use in a variety of projects. but we also have some free photoshop templates, brushes and png files designed for use in photo editing programs.

Photoshop Tutorials

Hand Colouring Vintage Black and White Photos in Photoshop

Boosting Colour with Layers in Photoshop

Frosting a Glass Using Layers and Custom Shapes

Replace a Sky using Photoshop Elements 

Text or Type Masking – What it is, and How to Do It


Photoshop Brushes

A selection of photoshop brushes – mostly texture type brushes, but also some others like postage stamps and decorations.

Calendar Templates

These include large one-page calendars that offer some flexibility for colours and image backgrounds, and some have text that can be changed. The most popular ones seem to be the small folding pocket calendars. Some are available for download in a variety of file types: photoshop’s native .psd format, some are transparent .png files, some also offer a .jpg file for those whose image editors don’t use layers. A few are available as “ready-to-print”.

Gift Tag, Seed Pack & Envelope Templates

Gift tag templates are available as blanks, and some are pre-designed for specific uses, like Christmas. Pre-designed tags offer one in colour, and one in black and white, which allows kids (or adults) to colour them own. There are some unusual shapes, and some traditional shapes, and have multiple instances of the shape on one page, while a few have a full page of different designs.

Photo Frames and Edges

A variety of frames to place “over” your photo in photoshop (or other editing programs that offer layers and will support transparency and/or layers) and print with the image. A few are designed as edges, with instructions on how to use them. Some offer colour variants (these are offered as a download in .zip packs or .rar files), and some have options for just downloading one of the colours. All of these are original designs, or designs taken from my own photos.

Vintage Photo Frames

This page offers a variety of vintage frames taken directly from old photos; several types of polaroid frames; frames from old slides; as well as large frames from pro-photo folders used in the 1930s to 1950s.


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