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PuzzlesAnimals These puzzles are just some extra bit of fun that I had been offering for free on one of my other websites. Many of themPuzzlesFruitsFlowers are created from some of my art prints, and some from the images found on the stock photo pages of this site.  These are stand-alone jigsaw puzzles you play on your own computer. To play the file, doubleclick the icon and the puzzle box will open with a small avatar (or thumbnail) of the image in the middle of the “board”. Doubleclick the image to break apart the puzzle. Then have a little fun putting it back together.

Most of these were created for my own enjoyment. I find them relaxing; much more so than doing boxed jigsaw puzzles – and with digital versions, there are no lost pieces to frustrate you! Each puzzle has an “image” option which will underlay the puzzle with the original picture, in case you need a little guidance along the way.

Currently there are four folders with puzzles ranging from 50 or so pieces to 300 pieces; some are easy to do, and some are more difficult. The puzzle titles are descriptive of the puzzle contents and imagery. The links below lead to the download folders for each category. Select and download the puzzles you want to try – select a few, and if you like them feel free to come back for more!   If you aren’t comfortable opening an .exe file, just run it through your anti-virus scanner first. None of these puzzles contain anything other than the puzzle.

Please note that while the puzzles are being offered for free, they are for personal use only. You can download them to your own computer, but you may not upload them to give away on your own site or blogs. If you want to share these free puzzles with others, please do not link to the download folders, just link to this page on our site so that others can read the usage information, and choose their own puzzles to download.

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