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Large Backgrounds

These backgrounds were created to allow a resolution large enough to print, but a lot of them will be suitable for multiple uses, like web backgrounds and some will work as textures. A good number of them are authentic vintage papers from the inside flap of old books (the spider web design and the beige Victorian Paper Design); some are from the outside of book covers, like Brown 1 and 2, and the Green Book cover. To see the entire design of the cover, you’ll need to load the full size image since these thumbnails are just tiny cropped portions of the overall image. There’s some that have come from large vintage photo frames (the gray, two beige vintage, one of the red textures), and some are from old cardboard or other papers.

Some of the vintage designs are harder to find unless you happen to have a lot of vintage “stuff” lying around, and as it happens, I do. My dad was such a pack-rat! There were dozens and dozens of old photos in large frames with covers in his stuff, and a lot of old books and records, among other things (like grocery receipts from 50 years ago … who keeps a grocery receipt for 50 years?)  My father-in-law turns out to have been something of a pack-rat too, and so we’ve recently uncovered more interesting bits of vintage paper that I hope to be able to photograph and upload here – things like old notebooks, and hand written papers, and even some newspapers from the time of the JFK assassination (those will eventually be on the newspapers stock photo page), yellowed with time and a little torn in some spots, but still entirely readable.

There were also a few old books in my father-in-law’s things, but not readable fiction (mostly reference books), and certainly not usable as reference books today, since many of teachings in these books are now obsolete, but the book cover designs on older books are often much more elegant and attractive than the contents, and hardcovers had designs embossed right into the cover, giving them embedded textures that can be used today in collage and texture work, so those are also on my “to-do” list. As it turns out, my “to-do” seems to be growing to the point where I’m wondering if I’ll manage to get it all done before I give up – a few things come off, but the things getting added on are more than the things coming off … it’s never ending.

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