Graphics – Silhouettes & Figures

This is another small gallery that I hope to add to in the future. Most of the silhouettes were created using my own images as references, including the skating silhouettes. My two granddaughters took figure skating lessons and participated in the gala productions at the season’s end. That gave me an opportunity to take a lot of photos of the performers in action.

I’ve got other sporting silhouettes as well, since I use many of them for the cards I create on Greeting Card Universe, but … well, I’m not quite ready to offer those for free. I’ve got a pile of other sporting images (from my grandsons participation in things like hockey, soccer, lacrosse) that I eventually hope to use as references for some other free graphics to add here. Oooh … just remembered the dance photos from one of my granddaughter’s stint in dance class. I’ll have to dig those out too and get to work.

The stick figures offered here started out as figures I created for kiddie t-shirts, then when I stopped creating those I decided to make use of them to illustrate one of my other websites … since it was a serious subject, it seemed like a good idea to lighten up the articles a little with fun stick figures. On that blog, I noticed a lot of people trying to download the stick figures (no, I’ve no idea why … I don’t think they’re that great but if people want them, okay then) so I decided to add some of the more generic ones here.



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