Graphics – Miscellaneous Objects

This is the largest so far of the graphics galleries. It’s only natural that when you don’t have enough of any one particular category of graphic you group them together on a miscellaneous page … although, pretty often when I look at miscellaneous categories I think to myself … yep, you don’t know where to put these or what to call the category. There’s a wide range of things, from apples to beach toys, to signs and even a couple of 3D rendered scenes … whatever doesn’t fit into one of the other categories gets stuck here.

Some of the items in this category can also be found on the colouring pages in black and white, so you may also want to check that page as those items are grouped by type: educational, seasonal, food, animals, etc., and you can always add colour yourself using any sort of graphic editing program.

I’ve still got several other drawings in progress that I just haven’t had time to finish up, but I’ll get there … one of these days 🙂



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