Just a few other bits and pieces that some people might find a use for. Before we moved over to this web host, these were pages that visitors came regularly for, so even though we’ve “remade and updated” the site (to modern web standards), we’ve decided to include these other bits as well. Some are designed specifically for children (such as the colouring pages, although … I do know some adults who still enjoy colouring) and although they aren’t all loaded yet, there will be a selection of digital jigsaw puzzles just for kids as well. Some older children might be able to use the currently uploaded puzzles, but they aren’t suitable for the tots.

The other uploads are mostly of the image type, just different than normal stock photos or textures. Picture quotes are inspirational and thoughtful ideas on pretty background images, and web only features are some of the images I license professionally but have downsized to be suitable only for use in blogs. They have a slightly stricter usage requirement, and they’re only available for a little while (these are changed regularly, so if it’s gone … it’s gone.)

Coloring Pages           Jigsaw Puzzles – Free to Download       Picture Quotes       Web only Features*

*these are images that are only available for a short time for use on the web. They change with the seasons, so if you don’t download them when you see them, they might not be available again. These can be used mainly for blogs, but cannot be used as give-away wallpapers, nor can you give them away on your own blogs.

A field of sheep with their back ends to the camera and text reading don't be sheepish.

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