Calendar Templates

November 1st, 2013

These calendar templates were designed in Photoshop CS (3-5) and will pretty much work in any version of Photoshop from V.7 upwards. If you don’t use Photoshop, but use a similar software that will support photoshop’s native .psd format, then these files will probably work in that as well – users of Gimp will probably be able to use these files.

Some of the calendars can be downloaded as transparent .png files, which means they’ll work in any editing software that supports transparency, and can open a .png. A few are available to download as ordinary .jpg files, which you can print, or add your own borders to.

When a calendar template has outlived it’s usefulness (when it’s a couple of years outdated), they’re moved to the “Calendar Archives” on our server, so if you’ve seen something previously and you can’t find it now, you may still be able to download it from the Calendar Archives here.

Forever Calendar

Forever calendar sample in yellow.The “Forever Calendar” is just that – it’s a calendar that can be changed in perpetuity, or at least as long as photoshop will open the .psd file. Most of the calendars don’t come with the flexibility that’s available in this one. It was designed so every number in the calendar month can be moved, every piece of text can be edited as well so what you have is a template that you can change each year yourself – the basic layout is the same all the time, but you can move the dates around within each month to update the calendar for the current year. Since each layer is transparent, you can insert an image under the grid for each individual month, creating a collage of 12 different images, or you can insert one image under the entire year, or fill it with a background texture instead. Be sure that you save your work as a differently named .psd file, that way you always have the original one to fall back on.

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2016 Vertical Calendar – Printable Version & PNG Transparent Version


This printable calendar has seasonal backgrounds and a top banner to place your own text. Just download and print “as is” or use your paint program to remove the banner if you don’t need it.


The same vertical calendar as shown above in .png format with a transparent background. Place this calendar template over any of your own photos for a background, or download any of our textures to use as backgrounds. Also check the large backgrounds page for some old vintage paper backgrounds.

2016 Pocket Calendar Template – Vintage Design

 This calendar template offers flexible editing of the background, texture, design elements and text (for month names and business name/information. Cover top design element and frame element from the British Public Domain Library on Flickr; the woodcut forest image from my own works; the background can be downloaded here on our site from the Large Backgrounds page.
2016 Printable Vintage Calendar
Large printable yearly calendar with a vintage design using an old map and old English text.

2015 Folding Pocket Calendar – Business Design

Business Pocket Calendar sample.


This simple and clean pocket calendar for business is available in 2 formats: psd for business (or individuals) who want to be able to edit the text to include their own business name/information, or in .png format for those who just want a simple printable folding calendar to stick in their pockets. In the .psd file, business data; calendar months; logo and image can all be edited to create your own customized calendar. The png is printable “as is”, or can be edited using a based graphics editor by using the paint brush and text functions.


Inside – PSD FORMAT                Outside – PSD FORMAT

Inside – PNG Format                    Outside – PNG Format


2015 Pocket Calendar – Vintage Design

Vintage pocket calendar sample.A vintage style folding pocket calendar with designs and text in browns and sepias. The .psd file allows you to change or remove the framing on the front (the frame over the image is a photoshop brush from Deviant Art), as well as the image and background texture (the included texture is from the brown textures on this site, but there are many others to choose from if you prefer something different), and allows for changing the font style and text.  The back holds a 2016 calendar for reference, while the inside has the 2015 calendar spread out over the left and right of the folded page. On the back is space for the calendar heading (2015 Calendar) on the left, and your own text on the right – both can be edited.
ALSO NOTE: two additional pocket calendar designs can be found on Photography Blography (wedding design single pocket for favours, and a fall designed folding style). Photography Blography will no longer be updated as of October 2014, so all new calendars, templates, frames, etc. will be on this site (Free-3D-Textures).

2015 Promotional Pocket Calendar
Sample promotional calendar.This pocket calendar is a single style with promotional materials on the front, and a yearly calendar on the reverse. The .psd file for the front allows options for changing the background (currently a texture, but you could use an image if you choose) and the colours (in an editing program, select the green framing with the magic wand, and use the paint bucket to fill with a new colour), as well as the text (your own business or website URL, contact information, and the date are all editable). If you don’t have the font installed (Modern No. 20), you can download it free from several places (here’s one), or change the font style to one that you have available on your own computer. The calendar on the back is basic black and white, and there’s space to include your business name and logo at the bottom.

2015 Basic Calendar

2015 basic calendar sample.
This basic calendar contains the full year for 2015, with the months and days, and the year on a transparent background. This allows you to use it over any of your own designs or photos if you have an editing program that allows for layers. It’s very plain, which offers flexibility for designers to use one calendar over different designs. Simply resize it for smaller uses like cards or web. Also note: that a printable (full size) Vintage Calendar for 2015 can be found on Photography Blography which uses this calendar over a vintage background.

2014 Basic Calendar

2014 png yearly calendar.This basic yearly calendar for 2014 is not available as a .psd file, but it comes as a transparent .png which allows you to use it in many different imaging programs. As long as your imaging program supports transparency and layers, you can use this calendar as your basic starting point and add your own design elements over it, or under it, including your own image designs. You can reduce it’s size and include it on the back or inside of a greeting card, or as a pocket calendar, or on the back of a business card. The basic calendar, while it looks very plain has many uses when it comes as a .png file. This particular calendar also comes as a photoshop brush (also transparent) if you prefer to use it that way, but keep in mind that photoshop brushes are limited to a size of 2500 pixels X 2500 pixels, so while it’s good for smaller projects, you may want the .png file for larger ones.  The brush is in Photoshop’s .abr file format, so if an other image programs accept that type of brush file, you may be able to use it even if you don’t use Photoshop. You can download the Photoshop 2014 Calendar Brush  HERE.
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2014 Vintage Map Calendar

2014 Vintage map with calendar.This calendar was created using a public domain map – a very old one in fact. Although the map part itself is not fully transparent, you can alter the transparency of the map using layers in Photoshop. In designing the calendar, I cut away some of the edges on the map, adding some “burnt” and “cracked” areas along the edges and saved it with it’s calendar as a .png file. The outer edges of the calendar square are transparent, allowing you to ad a background of your choice, or place additional design elements along and under the edges of the map. It can be printed on a dark or light background. No matter what you choose to print it on, this .png map calendar has an old-world charm that will suit almost anyone.

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2014 Yearly Promotional Calendar

One page yearly calendar sample.A calendar designed with business in mind, although I’m sure it would do just as well for a charity too. This calendar has a wide area at the top where you can add your own promotion – whether it’s products or services. There’s space for images and text, as well as information like your business name, and other details like hours of operation or address and telephone. At the bottom of this one page calendar are three “frames” or boxes if you prefer that were designed as spaces for photos, but you aren’t limited to placing photos in the boxes. You can delete the boxes altogether if you don’t want to use anything at the bottom, or you can use them for text, or to highlight special products or place discount coupons or codes there instead. Simple to use, this .psd file can even be used for designing personal gifts by filling in all the blank spaces with photos, or a child’s drawing. On the sample, I placed blank lines in one of the boxes, allowing room for hand written notes, numbers, dates, or reminders.


2014 Pocket Calendar Template
Pocket Calendar 2014 sample red.Here are two pocket calendar templates for 2014. Both designs have a framework on the front which enables you to use your 2014 folding pocket calendar sample.own photos under the framing, or to add text over the framing to promote your own business, project, or event. The back of each pocket calendar has lines for hand written phone numbers, or notes and reminders. The inside of the folding pocket calendars have a full year spread out over the 2 pages. Both of these calendar designs are in .psd format. Each calendar has two .psd files – one for the front/back design, one for the inside with the calendar, so you’ll need to download 2 .psd files for each calendar.




3 Year Folding Calendars (2013, 2014, 2015)

  Standing, folding desk calendars are similar to the calendars you get as a marketing tool, usually in the mail from various businesses. They are imprinted with the business name and phone number and usually carry a one year calendar on each of the three sides. Since they can be printed on started letter sized card-stock, they can be placed in envelopes and sent through the mail at the cost of a standard letter, making them useful to promote a business, or as a thank you for a charity donation, or even as a reminder of an event. If you prefer not to use them as folding/standing calendars, you can choose not to print the folding tabs, and either laminate the sheet for use on a bulletin board or use a hole punch and stick them in the front of a binder. However you choose to use them, having three years in front of you can be a handy planning tool.This packet contains The basic calendar framework in 21 different colours, along with the calendars, year dates and space at the bottom for your own text. Adding design elements like backgrounds, or photoshop brushes is entirely up to you.


Multiple pack of calendar templates.


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3 year folding calendar sample.This design for a folding calendar has a basic square frame and the .psd contains this framework in black, navy, red and apple green. The scrolled frame comes as a photoshop brush, which you can download from HERE. Use your own textures or photos to customize this simple tri-fold calendar for your own use.


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2014 Vintage Photo Frame with Calendar

Yearly calendar frame by a vintage photo frame for 2014.

This calendar was designed using a vintage photo frame. There’s space to place one of your own photos, or if you prefer, you can fill the space with your business details and use it as a way to promote your business. The .psd file contains three layers – the frame with the divider and calendar; the vintage background texture; photo layer. Since the background is on a separate layer, you can change the texture or background colour to suit yourself. The frame itself contains all the cracks and bumps you’d expect from an old photos, so it really is meant for vintage photos … a trip down memory lane, or a new photo treated to look like an old one. It would make a great business card for a collectibles or antique dealer!

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Older calendars have been archived and are no longer available through public download. If, for any reason you think there is an archived calendar template that you’d like the design for, please feel free to contact me directly (use our contact page), and I’ll be happy to send you the .psd file for the template design. The calendar itself would be outdated, but you could easily replace that part of it.

Archived calendar samples.