Frames and Edges

This page of frame designs contains original frame designs (created in photoshop), and some designs adapted from older (real) frames that I own or made myself. Some designs include faux mattes (often in white, so they may not show up in the thumbnails) and some don’t. These designs aren’t the “paper-like” flowery frames you’ll find on other sites. A variety of these were created for myself (mostly the black ones) to display over my own work in my office. All of my own frames (whether purchased or created) are black so when I wanted to print pre-framed images I created some of the ones you see below. These allowed me to print multiple photos in frames, and then place the large print in a single large black purchased frame, giving it a collage effect. Others may find them useful simply to display their photos on web pages or blogs, and that’s okay too. You might also want to have a look at the vintage frame page – that contains old photo frames from the early 1900s onwards.

The majority of these frames download as a simple .png file with a transparent background, so to use the frame, you simply place it over your photos. If you open these in a program that supports .png files and their transparency, you can insert your own photos under the frame and then “flatten” it before printing.

I’m not sure if or when I’ll add more frame designs to this page. I tend to create these “as the mood strikes”, so sometimes there’s a while between new additions, and at others they come at a rapid-fire pace. These aren’t the main focus of the site, so it’s a “catch-as-you-can” time frame here.

Important Note

A few of the files with multiple colour designs are available in a zip file if you prefer to download them all.


Photo Edges for Photoshop

This .zip file contains a number of “photo edges” for use in photoshop (and similar programs that support layers and layer blending). These are laid over your photo on a new layer. Using the layer blending options creates multiple effects around the edges of your photos.

To get instructions on using these edges see this Frames & Edges Tutorial. The page includes sames of these edges in use on photos.

To download the edges you’ll need to access the stored files on Google Drive, here. In the Google Drive listing, click the arrow at the right hand side of the file you want to download and select the download option (please DO NOT upload these to your own drive and then offer sharing of these files). If you want to share these with others, please link them to this page on my site, rather than my Google Drive listing. Your friends may want some of the other frames available from this page too!