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The blog articles here started out as “lenses” on Squidoo (a multi-author site), and I was happily writing one page articles for several years using their platform. Unfortunately, after many years of operation they decided to sell their business and the purchaser turned out to be HubPages.  They offered the Squidoo authors a place to move their work to but by then, my own websites were in full swing, so I decided to move my stuff to one of my own sites. I kept the articles that related to photos/images/copyright/design, and weeded out the ones I had no real use for, and included them here.

Nearly all of these articles have free downloadable images in them – some of the images can be found in our stock photos section, but some of them are only available through the blog posts, so you can download the image directly from the article.


A black flat styled calculator with large buttons.Free Online Image Editors

A lot of free online image editors are popping up across the web. Some are good, some maybe aren’t so great. Many are free, a couple are “pay per use”. Some of the free ones offer a premium paid option.  Here’s a listing of some that have been around for a bit, in no particular order, of places you can go online to edit your photos without having to download…. read full article


Free Image Search results may not really be free images.

Blogger, Google Images & You!

We’ve discussed using free images a few times here, but did you know that you just can’t copy images from other people’s blogs or websites (or even facebook or search engine image searches) without asking for permission to use them? Unless the owner of the image is willing to allow you to make use of it, then you may receive a DCMA  takedown notice. For the most part, if you comply with the notice to remove it, the majority of people will …read full article


Small spotted deer isolated on transparent background.Where to Find Free Images & How to Use Them

So what is the best way to find free images with licenses that allow you to use the images in your projects, for personal or commercial use? Find out how, and learn simple ways to find the license requirements for the free images.  Not all free images may be used in commercial projects, so it is  important to understand how and when you can use them in products you want to market, or how to use in monetized websites and videos…read full article


Sample pillow from redbubble sales.30 Places to Sell Your Stuff!

Today, you can sell your designs on everything from running shoes, phone and tablet covers, pillows, to fine art prints. So where do you do that? There’s lots of places where you can list your work for sale, for free and earn a little money. For the crafter, there are sites that deal in crafts, handmade items, even your own framed paintings and prints. The options available in today’s market place are almost unlimited…read full article


cupcake with sprinkles on white backgroundGive Your Product Pictures an Easy White Background

FotoFuze is an online editing tool  useful for bloggers who take their own photos of products they review, and for those who sell their own products on places like eBay or Etsy. The tool allows you to upload a photo with a poor background, and transform it to a shot on a white background. … read full article


Copyright symbolCopyright Infringement & the Risks

For those who actually aren’t familiar with copyright law, you can check laws for your own country.  If you blog or sell online, you need to ensure you comply with copyright laws. This is the case if you use others images, and monetize your site. I really want to bring up the risks each …read full article


Photo texture of medium brown wood laminate.Free Photos: Home Interiors

I’m not sure how useful these will be, but possibly okay for even those who blog about interior design. The wood flooring we installed in our new house is actually laminate flooring – a very high quality so it’s difficult to tell from “real” wood. It has a beautiful rich colour, is easy to clean, and difficult to mar…read full article


Wall display of vintage watch pieces.It’s a Matter of Time

In today’s willy-nilly, dash this-way-and-that world, time is something on everyone’s mind. Most of us never have enough. So, in honour of the summer season, quickly ticking away towards autumn, today’s pictures are all about time. This vintage pocket watch  shows the delicate floral designs painted on it’s face. It used to belong to my dad…read full article


VintageRubberDuckieThe Rubber Ducky – A Yellow Phenomenon

The Rubber Ducky  has been around for a very long time; everybody knows what they are…they even have rubber ducky races. It’s history begins back in the 1940s, and early duckies were  made of rubber. Today, these toys are made of everything from hard plastic to pliable plastic, and come in lots of styles,  from the basic (original) design, to characters…read full article


Pink pearl eraser and art gum eraser.Artsy Fartsy Stuff

Free photos themed around arts and crafts; anyone blogging on art (painting, drawing, etc.) or crafts might find some of these useful. I enjoy arts of most kind, and dabble in a number of different art categories from time-to-time.  I recently had to invest in a new…read full article


FeralKittensThumbIt’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Well, not really, but today’s postings are all about cats and dogs. Pets (specifically cats and dogs, though there are other types of pets), seem to pretty popular in terms of how many downloads the pictures of cats and dogs are, and the cuter or funnier they are, the more downloads they get. A family of feral cats took up residence in our temporary garage one winter.  …read full article


Orange and black Monarch butterfly.Summer Breezes

Summer has officially arrived – it hit the calendar first, but the weather has finally caught up. Hot, sunny days, gentle breezes and the lapping of calm water at the shoreline…who could ask for more? As most of you already know, I love the summer – the heat, the sun, the lazy days at the beach/cottage…this is what makes the northern winter almost bearable …read full article


Old vintage toys.Vintage Views

This week I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane – looking through some of my old stuff. In fact, some of it is really old from my first digital camera. While the quality of some are suitable for small images to be used in blogs or as an add-on to an article, they do contain some interesting pieces of history. The volkswagon beetle and truck are old, while the …read full article


Vintage car turned into a red hot rod.The PNG File Format

What is a .png file … and what can I do with it?  A PNG file is a graphic file format that has similarities to both the  .jpg format and the older .gif format. It can be used the same way as you use a .jpg file. It has has the ability to save a file with transparency, like the .gif file, but PNG (or .png) handles photographs very well and allows a wider colour gamut than .gif does. That’s the basic and simple …read full article


A stack of folded newspapers.Microstock Fills the Bill

When you need more than free images, consider Microstocks that offer lower priced royalty-free images. The image quality offered on most Microstock sites is at a professional level, and sizes are large. For those on a tight budget, some sites have a weekly, or monthly free image…read full article



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