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So it finally happened … we got to the point where the “PNG Outside Stuff” gallery was getting so big that it was taking a little too long to load, so I decided to move all the transportation items off of the “Outside Stuff” (just from the PNG sections – regular photos are still on their own pages) page and move it to a new page of it’s own.

The transportation page will include most forms of transportation – cars, trucks, and motorcycles, as well as bicycles and airplanes. It won’t include farm tractors since they aren’t exactly “transportation” and are really equipment used for a purpose other than transportation.

While this gallery isn’t all that big at the moment (Sept. 1, 2017), it will be growing. I still have a lot of images of cars and motorcycles to prepare as PNG files, so I decided it would be wiser to transfer the ones I already have before the outside section got so big it wouldn’t load, particularly on a mobile device.

I regularly visit old car shows (probably because old cars have much more interesting designs than our modern transporation does) and nearly always have a camera with me. I’ve been stockpiling images for a long time so this page will expand as I dig through the stuff I’ve already got. There are also several coming up in the Florida area over the winter that I plan to visit which means I’ll have even more to pick through … then of course, there are the motorcycles. Honestly, I take more pictures of Harley’s than almost any other kind but that’s probably for two reasons: I like the bikes with a larger profile, and my son-in-low owned a Harley shop for a while, and is still working in the industry. He owns … well, lets just say “more than a couple” of bikes himself, and because he associates with a lot of bikers, I have access to photograph them a lot more often than some of the other brands.

Then there are the planes … you know, I hate to fly (not so much that I hate flying, but I seriously hate going through the crap the USA wants to put people through when they fly) so it’s weird that I love to be able to photograph planes. Most of the time I’m not close enough to an airplane to get really great shots, but there are a couple of places in Florida where we go that have museum quality vintage planes, some of which still can fly. If you fancy taking a trip in an open-cockpit vintage bi-plane and happen to be around central Florida anytime, make sure to visit Fantasy in Flight. The planes on display are beautifully restored, and there’s a couple of very old wooden body planes in their display.




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