Stock Photos – Aerial Photos

The images on this page are a series of images I took on a flight from San Francisco, California to Toronto, Ontario. To be honest, I don’t know what the exact route was that the airline used, but most of the images have mountains and hills, except for the very few I managed to grab immediately after lifting off from the airport. Some areas aren’t too difficult to figure out, but others are not something I can put a name to without knowing the exact route we took.

Although it wasn’t my first air trip, it was the first time I was able to see the land below us for what seemed like a rather long time. Other flights I’ve had were either shrouded in clouds with no possible view of the ground, or on a flight where I didn’t have a window seat, or the seat was right on the wing. I would admit to having held a certain fascination for watching the land pass below the plane. I probably missed more shots than I took.

Some of the photos have parts of the wing in the left side of the image (only a couple I think) because my seat was directly behind the wing and the angle I was trying to shoot at meant getting the wing. In any situation, unless you have a small point and shoot camera (which I didn’t), it’s pretty difficult to shoot out the small passenger window of a commercial airliner. The windows don’t seem to actually be glass, are rounded top and bottom with rubber flanging, are double walled and often … they are less than clean, inside/outside and in between the two pieces of what I assume are plexi.

On top of that, the windows seem to act as a filter, so in some cases the colour that came out of the camera weren’t the same colours I saw on the ground. Since this was my first experience with trying to shoot from a commercial plane, I’m not all that unhappy with the outcome.┬áIf I fly again (big if, because each trip is not something I enjoy … I’d rather spend 5 days riding in a car than 5 hours in a plane), I might be lucky enough to get a few more aerial photos.

That was 2015, and only now just getting the photos uploaded.

Yeah … life with all it’s other things often intrudes and changes our plans without blinking her eyes.