Welcome to the home of Gracey’s Free 3D Textures, combining three active sites into one. Download your textures, stock photos, png files, photoshop texture brushes, tutorials, articles and other resources for graphics, 3D rendering, and photography right here, all in one place. Check out our software listing and links for Open-Source and Freeware – most programs are image or graphic related, and there is a small selection of other software listed as well. There’s still a long list to add, but there’s a few good choices for anyone looking for something new to try.  A recent addition is our high-resolution “Backgrounds” and our “Web Only” Features, along with our new colouring pages section for the kids!

I’ve added a new “blog” section to the site that has articles which also contain blog-sized images. You can download these images to use in your own articles (please don’t use them as wallpaper, they aren’t meant for you to give away to others). Some of the articles provide helpful information, like “Where to Find Free Images and How to Use Them“, or where to sell your own imagery or designs. Some are instructional, like “Making White Backgrounds for Product Shots“, and some are informational, like the “Rubber Ducky Phenomenon“, and some are a little more personal, like “Summer Breeze” (to find these articles, click the blog tab in the top menu). In all cases, you can just download the images directly from the article if you only need web-sized images. If you need larger sizes, check the referenced Stock Photos page on the site for larger ones. Be sure to check it out!

New textures are uploaded and updated as I complete them.. You’ll find textures in larger sizes for backgrounds, seamless for 3D rendering and backgrounds, funky textures, fabric and textiles… We’re open to requests too, so if you can’t find something you need, just ask. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on our Google + page to keep updated on our progress. 

We have free stock images for use in blogs/websites, and some of these royalty free images can be used in texturing. You’ll find a variety of subjects and sizes available for use; everyday objects isolated on white backgrounds, landscapes, people, holidays, nature, and many other subjects. See the Stock Photo galleries and check weekly for new stuff.  Don’t forget to check the png pages where we upload all sorts of images (isolated on transparent backgrounds) – from utility objects to one-of-a-kind things you may not find anywhere else but here!

Have a wander over to the stock photos listing and see what we’ve got for you! If you don’t see an image that you are looking for in this section, please ask – we may have one tucked away just waiting to be uploaded. Don’t forget to check our special web-only feature. These are only available for short time periods, and are already sized and optimized for web use. When they disappear from the page, you can’t download them any longer, so be sure to get them when you see them. The difference between the web-only features and the regular stock photos is cost – the full size web-only features are offered for sale from my portfolio sites, and only offered here for free in small sizes for using on websites/blogs.

Templates for Photoshop

You’ll find other templates for use with photoshop on our Templates page – currently there are some templates for seed packets in .psd format so you can change the design to meet your needs, as well as a template for a photographer’s proof envelope. Recently added were gift tag templates so be sure to check regularly for new updates.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Somewhere on the site (yeah, still organizing since I’ve moved hosts “yet again”) you’ll find digital jigsaw puzzles (some for kids), and “Picture quotes“. I haven’t updated these much in the last year (2016) or so, but they are still around and you can still use them if you feel the itch. The “Extras” page has links to all the “extra stuff” that isn’t on the sidebar menus.

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