Just so y’all know … I’m not big on getting spammed, but I’m more than happy to answer your questions and emails as they relate to any of the content on our site. If you need help with any image related subject, or are looking for an image or texture and just can’t find it anywhere else, please … do ask. If I’ve got it, and it’s not one of my sales products, I’ll be happy to load it up to the site or to email it to you directly.

A Note About the Images:  Why give them away for free?

As a small business owner myself, I understand how difficult it can be to set aside earnings to pay for work of this kind. Although microstocks have some pretty reasonable pricing these days, by the time you pay for the cost of the actual promotional space, smaller businesses need to cut back somewhere, and it’s often on image cost. Some have no budget left for the images.

Charities, educational, religious and mission workers often have no budget at all for advertising, and the same can be said for every day bloggers that are just trying to make a little pocket money from their own work.

This is simply one of the ways I give back a little of the blessings I’ve received in my life and I hope that somewhere, someone has found an image useful. If you’ve found something here, then I’m happy to have been of some help. Happy Blogging!


If you’re the sort that just has to payback (karma), then do so by telling your friends who might need images where to find them (like here maybe?).  Or do something nice for someone else – “pay it forward” as they say, and give to someone else in need, help out your fellow human and that, friends, would be all the payment I need.

Oh yeah, almost forgot … see that big envelope that says “Send It”? Yep, that’s it. That’s the place. Just go ahead and do it.

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